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Our IT engineer profile

Technical Proficiency:

Our IT engineer boasts a deep and diverse skill set encompassing areas such as network architecture, system administration, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and software development. They are adept at harnessing technology to meet project objectives.

Problem Solver:

With a proven track record of resolving complex technical challenges, our engineer excels at identifying root causes and implementing effective solutions. No issue is too formidable for them to tackle.


In the dynamic realm of technology, adaptability is paramount. Our engineer stays ahead of the curve, remaining updated with the latest industry trends, tools, and best practices to keep your project on the cutting edge

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Experience: 10+ years
Certificates | Acknowledgements

IT Expertise:

  • Malicious software removal
    • ScareWare
    • Adware
    • Virus
    • Malware 
  • Laptop setup (secure configuration)
  • MS Windows troubleshooting (BSOD)
    • Windows update issues
    • Windows didn’t startup
    • Windows password reset 
    • Windows drivers issues
  • Data Recovery (Failed to run windows)
    • Extract data from Windows system
    • Extract data from USB drives
    • Recover deleted data from Windows
  • Wireless network secure setup
    • Testing security for WLAN

ITSG – Mobile IT Consultancy for residents and small businesses in East London is here to provide you with top-notch computer repair services. We specialize in Microsoft Windows repair, offering comprehensive solutions for all kinds of issues. From virus removal to software troubleshooting, our experienced team has got you covered. We take pride in our friendly and approachable service, ensuring that we provide easy-to-understand guidance and solutions in plain English.


Don’t let computer problems stress you out – let our highly skilled professionals handle it for you. Contact us today and experience the difference of working with trusted experts in computer repair services!